Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to Sunday Swag

Ok. I think we have a new Playground day; I'm calling it Sunday Swag.

Sundays I'm going to start posting whatever goods that I may have found while traipsing around looking for all the other treasure.  Who knows what we'll end up with. 

Since this is our first, I'm going to give you two things to play with. 
A couple of weeks ago, I found what I think is the funniest website.  It's called Not Always Right, and it is a site where people go to quote their run-ins with what I call, "the breathing impaired."  I seem to deal with these same people every day.

Click on their graphic below to go to their site to see more.

Some of these made me laugh so hard I may have hurt myself a little.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I hope you like them too.  I'll be the first to admit I don't have your average sense of humor. 
I'm unique  :) 

But first, a funny sign I could not resist.

And from Not Always Right...

A Fence Built On Magic Beans

Animal Rescue:  Arizona, USA

(While reviewing an adoption application for a very agile Border Collie, I come to the point where it talks about the adopter’s housing situation and fence.)

Me: “I’m unfamiliar with a Cyclone Fence. Can you please tell me what that is made of?”

Adopter: “It’s linked like a chain-linked fence.”

Me: “Oh, okay! So you have a 5′ chain link fence then? And the dog will be left either in the home or yard with a doggie door while you are gone, right?”

Adopter: “Yeah.”

Me: “That sounds wonderful. I would just like to mention that you may want to keep the dog either in a crate or in a room of the house for the first week or so. Too many times we hear stories where people have their new dog outside unattended and the dog jumps the fence and runs away.”

Adopter: “She can’t jump a 6′ fence.”

Me: “So your fence is 6′, not 5′ like you put on the application?”

Adopter: “No dog can jump my 10′ fence.”

Me: “Sir, you fence was 6′ a moment ago.”

Adopter: “Well, I don’t know. It’s taller than me! It’s like 14′ high!”

Me: “Really, it doesn’t matter how tall your fence is. I am just saying that if you take the dog home and leave her unattended, she could get worried and climb your fence and get out. No one here wants her to get lost.”

Adopter: “My fence is 16′ tall! No one can get over it!”

Me: “Okay, sir.”

Adopter: “I am going to sue you!”

A Hole In His Logic, Among Other Things

Cheese Shop
Columbus, OH, USA

Customer: “The Swiss cheese I bought last week didn’t have any holes.”

Me: ”I’m sorry, sir. Sometimes when we get to the end of a block of cheese, there aren’t many holes in it.”

Customer: ”Well, can I get my money back?”

Me: ”Did you bring the cheese back?”

Customer: “No. I ate it.”

Me: ”Did it taste okay?”

Customer: “Yes, it tasted fine.”

Me: “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”

Me: “Let me get my manager…”

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