Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Mayhem: April 26

Morning.  Here's what we're playing with this week over here on The Playground. 

By the way.  Did you catch that little swag diddy I threw you yesterday?  He's worth noting I think.  Don't miss him. 

Anyhoo...this week...

Tuesday:  A little laugh, a banned in the US commercial I got a kick out of.

Wednesday:  We're still calling it hump day.  (I have to do something about that.)  This week we're slowing it down a bit. 
Thursday: ?? As seems to be the pattern, it's a mystery, even to me.

Friday:  For fun we have a little game I saw around.  A kind of "What was yours".  It's a surprisingly non-typical Playground game.  Off the wall.  Shakin' it up ;)

Saturday:  Ahhh.  Sweet Sexy Saturday.  Need I say more.

Sunday:  This week we have swag.  Loot baby.  We've got funny a little goody I found from a site called Ask A Urinal. Yeah, you read that right.  A very interesting sign I got in my email. Thanks hon, you rock!   And I have another Not Always Right called  "The Twilight of our literacy".  All kinds of little treasures.
Be sure to swing by the other Places too.  I've been busy over at Amora's Place meetin' & greetin' a bunch of really great new authors, so don't miss any of that upcoming goodness. I'm not totally sure what it means yet other than...yay! Book and author goodies!  I'll keep you posted over there.

I've also been busy trying to build a new Amora's Place + some Playground + misc stuff = Amora's Blog Place.  Complete with "Discussion Board".  (I'm pretty excited about that)  It's over on Facebook.  Another place to play.  It's not going to have ALL the Playground goodies over there...I wouldn't want to get kicked off.  I'm still not sure of all the annoying rules ;)

Have a GREAT week everyone!

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