Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Dose of Humor: Funny Funny

Wednesday, 1/2 the week already over.  I should be more excited about that, but truth be told... I've been totally screwing off at work all week, just playing blog somewhere.  I have so many now, add my FB addiction to the list and I can't seem to manage to get much more done that playing online.

Silly girl.

Now I've just buried myself in an impossible work load for the rest of the week.  Silly girl.  *chuckles*  I tend to do this kind of thing, not the messing around thing, but the crisis management thing.  *shrugs*  Not sure why that is.  But I'm pretty good at creating a crisis, then managing the damn thing.

Silly girl.

Ack!  Work Schmirk.  I don't wanna do it.  *crosses arms*  They can't make me.

Friggin' hell.  I'm the Black Mamba.  Bring it!  heehee.  Elsewhere...

Black Mamba's keeping me pretty busy over at the Place.  I swear, I'm not sure I should have ever let her out.  Not sure how I'm going to contain her again.  *shrugs* eh, whatever.  And I swear, now that the posse has gotten out too... Ha! It might be hopeless!!

Anyhoo, here's some dose of funny to keep things rollin'.  If you haven't visited over at the Place, do stop by. We wouldn't want Black Mamba gettin' on ya.  She gets downright nasty sometimes.  I find it's best to stay on her good side.  *snickers* you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of ANY of them.  That crew over there is deadly!

Hope you're week's going well.



funny food photos - Imperial Trainees

funny animal photos - Kate Hudson RomComs and a Bottle of Burgundy, The Perfect Remedy for Heartbreak

funny food photos - Cheating By Eating

funny food photos - Revenge is So Sweet

Funny Food Photos - How Animal Crackers are Made

very demotivational

Funny Wedding Photos - YES PLEASE!!!!!!

Funny Wedding Photos - Yeah, I Wont Be Going to this Reception

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mayhem: June 14th

Ok.  Monday.  We need to figure this poor playground out, and have no idea how.  Don't miss the Place though, things should be jammin' over there.  Black Mamba's come out to play too, so no telling what the heck.

As far as the Playground, the thinking wheels are turning, so something will come. But in the meantime, since it's Monday, of course we need a muse.  We're going to steal the one from the Place because, well, I like him. :)

Also, to keep things in perspective.  I thought we'd have a few more of those goodies off of the miserable list.  heehee.

Things to be miserable about...
32. Memoirs by people that are boring

33. The Hilton sisters

34. Bifocals

35. Rhinestone sunglasses

36. Gas station bathrooms

37. Your inner thighs

38. Fake English accents

39. Broken condoms

40. Butt acne

41. Models

And then, I came across this video and figured, as long as you're NOT having this day... you're good.

It's all in how you look at things.  Perspective.  Right?

Have a good week all.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet, candy

heehee.  I said a twofer this weekend... it's late, but, it counts.  Better late than never :)

First, how 'bout a little video.  Yeah.  I think I video.

and a couple of pics too. 

have a good day all...



Saturday, June 12, 2010


*hangs head*  Playgound... fail.  I even promised ... never fail on Saturday.  Fail.  Big o' double fail too... even promised 2 candies to make up for the fail... double fail! 

Amora, Amora, Amora.  *shakes head* what are we going to do with you. 

I guess there are still 2 days left aren't there.  It just needs to be a whole weekend of yumminess I guess.

yay...weekend of the yummy!

I have been out scouring the web for some uber yummy.  We were getting a little low on the goods.  It's not easy to find acceptable sweets.  Not just any will do you know. 

Woah is me...the life of a candy maker *shakes head* the job is never done.

Ok.  How about some super yummy? Let's see if we can recover over here at the playground.

It gives me great pleasure to bring to you...  the uber-yummy.



and do I dare... I may have to.  My new ultra favorites...

The Jarics

Oh my, I did, didn't I.  Amora..  not shy much anymore.  Hum... I think I just shocked myself.

yep.  I did. 

Too much?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Tsk Tsk. I have been so remiss over here at the Playground! My apologies. Can't promise it'll change though. *shrugs* What's a girl to do? Could be that I've got to many blogs now. Nah, that can't be it.

They are totally stripping my Queer as Folk videos from YouTube. One by one all my yummy vids are just disappearing when I go to post them. I think that sucks, no pun intended. ;)

I swear I'm still the only one who hasn't seen this show. Went to try to rent it and only one store had it, but of course they are missing the first 5 or something. That sucks again.

Anyway, I still have this one. I like this one, nice and sweet.  And hot.

And how about a couple funnies for a Wednesday laugh.  You just have to love kids notes.  I still have several from my beloved daughter.  Found this one online...

And how about some bathroom graffiti...

And that's a wrap!  Hope you have a great day.



Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sexy Saturday! May 29

My goodness.  Saturday has sure become a yummy day, hasn't it?  Yum.  Sugar for your Saturday morning coffee my friends. 



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday giggles

We're just going to kick back this week.  Whatever shall be shall be.  I'm actually to worn out to blather on and on, but I did manage to come across a couple of things last night that made me giggle, so I thought I'd just share those. 

Giggle giggle ;)

Funny Facebook fails
see more

A facebook status update.  WTF?

i'm going to be a wheel someday

see more

A google autocomplete that just made me laugh.

Funny Signs - Two Birds With One Stone

see more

Um, yeah.  What?

My daughter sends me these.  Some just crack me up.

Well there you have it.  Giggle giggle.

Have a good one.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Swag: May 23rd

I like Sunday. Sunday should be nice and relaxing. Easy. Whatever you want it to be.

Here's some of the swag I found while digging around the last couple of weeks. Some of this stuff...counts as WTF.

Have a fun with the swag.


crazy shoe photos - Hamster Exploitation

funny animal photos - Jeeves, Pull Aside That Fine Heifer There and I Shall Woo Her

How about a "Not Always Right.  I love some of these. 

When Your Number Is Up
(Bingo Hall | Nova Scotia, Canada)

Customer: “Hi, I’m here for the immunization clinic.”

Me: “Sir, this is a bingo hall.”

Customer: “You’re mistaken, the people at the hospital told me to come here.”

Me: “Sorry sir, this is a bingo hall. I don’t know why they would tell you to come here.”

Customer: “What are those people doing here then?” *points at the people playing bingo*

Me: “They’re playing bingo, sir.”

Customer: “You’re lying to me! You just want me to die!”

And finally, how about some video swag.  Lets pull out another singing soldier vid.

Have a most pleasant Sunday guys.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sexy Saturday! May 22nd

tsk. tsk.  I've been so remiss.  Hardly any blog posts over here this week.  I've been so darned busy, I just have not had a spare minute at all!  I do however have an awful lot of coolness over at the Place, so, you forgive me right?  Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out...

No matter how busy of course, the candy never waits.  I figured since we had all those yummies at the Place yesterday, I'm feelin' me some cowboys...what say you?

Gotta love a cowboy. 

Happy Saturday. 



Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mayhem: May 17th

I've been giving all this blog love to Barbara Sheridan over at the Place, and I'm totally getting all samurai happy.

They have swords and shit.  Amora likes swords.  mmmmm swords.

Last week, as I sometimes do, I decided to pull out my Iron Man suit, gave myself a Black Sabbath theme song, and rocked that persona for a minute...or three.

Worked like a charm.  Those were the best days of the work.  Least amount of crap.  Yay for least amount of crap!

Iron Man persona and samurai love has turn me into...

Amora codenamed "Black Mamba".  And no.  My theme song is NOT Kung fu fighting. I am going to have to come up with one though, they really help with the persona.

If everyone out in RL plays nice with Amora, she'll stay all nice and pretty like this.  If not...

Well, if not, they aren't going to like me very much.  You see, it's like this...

I'm a former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, an elite, shadowy group of assassins.   
A formidable, ruthless warrior trained under martial arts master Pai Mei.

I served at the right hand of Bill aka Grasshopper, my boss and lover, a position that provoked the furious envy of Elle Driver (the bitch), who was also Bill's lover (the bastard).

Now? *swings sword around* I WILL KILL BILL...aka Grasshopper.

So, Given my story, surely you understand.  I will not - I CAN not - take their crap.  I think I'm ready to go to work.

*walks in with authority, sword displayed.* 
That's right.  Amora's here, you'd better run...

Damn!  It doesn't take them long to surround me with their crap! 

Back off boys...

I warned you.  Don't make me hurt the rest of you...

To be continued...

muahahahah. Oh yeah, how scary am I NOW?! Do NOT fuck with me THIS week. I am all about the yummy sword goodness. Samurai sword goodness.

Black Mamba, comin' atch'ya...back away...NOW!

*throws head back* muahahahahahah

I'm ready.  Bring it!

Oh yeah.  No schedule this week.  Sorry.  Not a clue what's going to be happening.  Pics on Saturday though!  heehee, have a great and awesome week!

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