Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mayhem: May 17th

I've been giving all this blog love to Barbara Sheridan over at the Place, and I'm totally getting all samurai happy.

They have swords and shit.  Amora likes swords.  mmmmm swords.

Last week, as I sometimes do, I decided to pull out my Iron Man suit, gave myself a Black Sabbath theme song, and rocked that persona for a minute...or three.

Worked like a charm.  Those were the best days of the work.  Least amount of crap.  Yay for least amount of crap!

Iron Man persona and samurai love has turn me into...

Amora codenamed "Black Mamba".  And no.  My theme song is NOT Kung fu fighting. I am going to have to come up with one though, they really help with the persona.

If everyone out in RL plays nice with Amora, she'll stay all nice and pretty like this.  If not...

Well, if not, they aren't going to like me very much.  You see, it's like this...

I'm a former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, an elite, shadowy group of assassins.   
A formidable, ruthless warrior trained under martial arts master Pai Mei.

I served at the right hand of Bill aka Grasshopper, my boss and lover, a position that provoked the furious envy of Elle Driver (the bitch), who was also Bill's lover (the bastard).

Now? *swings sword around* I WILL KILL BILL...aka Grasshopper.

So, Given my story, surely you understand.  I will not - I CAN not - take their crap.  I think I'm ready to go to work.

*walks in with authority, sword displayed.* 
That's right.  Amora's here, you'd better run...

Damn!  It doesn't take them long to surround me with their crap! 

Back off boys...

I warned you.  Don't make me hurt the rest of you...

To be continued...

muahahahah. Oh yeah, how scary am I NOW?! Do NOT fuck with me THIS week. I am all about the yummy sword goodness. Samurai sword goodness.

Black Mamba, comin' atch'ya...back away...NOW!

*throws head back* muahahahahahah

I'm ready.  Bring it!

Oh yeah.  No schedule this week.  Sorry.  Not a clue what's going to be happening.  Pics on Saturday though!  heehee, have a great and awesome week!



  1. Black Mamba, you crack me up!

  2. @Eyre: LOL. I slayed 'em today! Oh yeah, who's the Black Mamba...


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