Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sexy Saturday! May 22nd

tsk. tsk.  I've been so remiss.  Hardly any blog posts over here this week.  I've been so darned busy, I just have not had a spare minute at all!  I do however have an awful lot of coolness over at the Place, so, you forgive me right?  Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out...

No matter how busy of course, the candy never waits.  I figured since we had all those yummies at the Place yesterday, I'm feelin' me some cowboys...what say you?

Gotta love a cowboy. 

Happy Saturday. 




  1. Happy Saturday to you, too!

    I am lovin' the cowboy goodness!

  2. Happy Saturday!!

    Thanks for the hot pics!

  3. Eyre and Lily- Thanks, glad you liked them. :))


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