Saturday, June 12, 2010


*hangs head*  Playgound... fail.  I even promised ... never fail on Saturday.  Fail.  Big o' double fail too... even promised 2 candies to make up for the fail... double fail! 

Amora, Amora, Amora.  *shakes head* what are we going to do with you. 

I guess there are still 2 days left aren't there.  It just needs to be a whole weekend of yumminess I guess.

yay...weekend of the yummy!

I have been out scouring the web for some uber yummy.  We were getting a little low on the goods.  It's not easy to find acceptable sweets.  Not just any will do you know. 

Woah is me...the life of a candy maker *shakes head* the job is never done.

Ok.  How about some super yummy? Let's see if we can recover over here at the playground.

It gives me great pleasure to bring to you...  the uber-yummy.



and do I dare... I may have to.  My new ultra favorites...

The Jarics

Oh my, I did, didn't I.  Amora..  not shy much anymore.  Hum... I think I just shocked myself.

yep.  I did. 

Too much?


  1. I just love that little shoulder kiss. *Sigh* That's such a tender picture.

  2. @Eyre: I love that one too.

    lol, a bunch of your comments just came through. I guess the playground hasn't been playing real nice... for awhile now, ugh!

  3. Very nice!! I love the shoulder kiss too.


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