Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mayhem: June 14th

Ok.  Monday.  We need to figure this poor playground out, and have no idea how.  Don't miss the Place though, things should be jammin' over there.  Black Mamba's come out to play too, so no telling what the heck.

As far as the Playground, the thinking wheels are turning, so something will come. But in the meantime, since it's Monday, of course we need a muse.  We're going to steal the one from the Place because, well, I like him. :)

Also, to keep things in perspective.  I thought we'd have a few more of those goodies off of the miserable list.  heehee.

Things to be miserable about...
32. Memoirs by people that are boring

33. The Hilton sisters

34. Bifocals

35. Rhinestone sunglasses

36. Gas station bathrooms

37. Your inner thighs

38. Fake English accents

39. Broken condoms

40. Butt acne

41. Models

And then, I came across this video and figured, as long as you're NOT having this day... you're good.

It's all in how you look at things.  Perspective.  Right?

Have a good week all.




  1. That miserable list is one that I could have created myself! Are you a mind reader? I do not get the appeal of the Hilton sisters to young girls. They look fake, they have no talent, and the only reason they're famous is that their grandfather was wealthy. Plus, they're mean. I just don't get it.

  2. @Eyre: yes mam. One of my many talents, just don't let that get out...

    The Hilton sisters... aren't they something? I just don't get that... AT ALL!


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