Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thunder baby!

Well now.  I promised you a report on the Thunder From Down Under, and I am ooooh so late with that aren't I. 

I'm feeling a bit outside of myself tonight, so I'm going to go ahead and post the after the show photo.  Don't think I've ever posted a photo of myself online before.

So what do you think. Does it look like I had a good time?  I did.  You should see my daughter's photo.  Classic.  The 2 I'm sitting on?  She's got the middle guy sitting on her lap, and the end guy decides to reach out and grab a handfull of his ass with a total pervert look on his face.  It's awesome!

I soooo need to take lessons from her.

What a night!  Not at all Vegas mind you.  Actually it was a little embarassing to represent.  The guys were not the "top notch" Thunder by any stretch either.  But damn.  Yum.

A little video break for you.  I can't for the life of me find a decent video of these guys.  But this should give you an idea...  These are the guys we saw in Vegas.

Yeah.  It was fun.  Actually, I got told to 'get down...mam' once.  Mam.  I got your mam.  I was up on a chair.  But still!

I also hurt myself.  I have no idea how.  I need to come up with a couple of stories.  That's right.  I said a couple.  I bruised my right palm/thumb so bad, I could barely use it for a week.  It swelled up and turned purple.  As if that wasn't enough, I had a bruised stip across my shoulder blades.  Hum.  What's up with that I wonder. 

I may have had a couple of those $10.00 drinks.  And jello shots.  2.  I don't get out much.

My daughter got a nice little 1/2 stripped lap dance.  She didn't know what to do!  It was awesome.  She managed to recover with enough time to get a nice "nail scratch" down the beauty's back.  Bless her heart.

I highly recommend seeing them if you ever get to Las Vegas.  That was to die for.  If they come to your area...what they hell.  Look at them.  The show cost $10.00.  Drinks $10.00.  Picture at the end...priceless. 

Here's the only promo video I could find.  Who's my guy...the long hair  Donovan.  The Vegas show we saw, the after the show pic...the 2nd one, I'm hanging off that one.  Man.  Yum!!!!!


  1. Did you cop a feel? Hope so. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time. LOL!

  2. @ Artemis- LOL, a couple time!


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