Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Mayhem

Not a bad first week at the Playground.  That was fun!  Amora's Place had a big exciting week behind the scenes as well!  Whew!  I still have to update everything!  And I was supposed to be working all weekend.  I'm a bad girl...I didn't even look at any of it!  I played blog and actually read 1/2 a book!  It was awesome!

So far, I do have for your playing enjoyment...

Tuesday:  A funny little pic to add some humor to our week.

Wednesday:  Yes, hump day.  May or maynot be a video, I'll have to surprise you, but I do have some juicy goodness to share, I just need to pick one.  Sometimes, that's the hardest part!

Friday:  Another silly little game. 

Saturday:  Yum.  Candy.

Thanks for playing last weeks Penis Name game with me Mia Love ~ you soooo win!  You kicked butt over my special penis name!  Thankx girl...that was fun!  I've got a little prize for you...

There you have it!  See ya guys!  Have a great week.

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